Unofficial plugin for Medium created by Pixel Point

Get more reads with Medium widget

Generate a widget for your personal or company feed. Use it on your website to attract more readers and demonstrate your credibility.


Number of posts

Show up to 10 posts.

Column number

Define how many columns you want. Set one to have a vertical, Facebook-like feed.

Picture preview size

Choose a small picture preview size if you want to show article images at the left side.

Picture aspect ratio

Define an aspect ratio of a picture.






Publication date

Widget Preview

Test container size

To effectively test a widget preview, we allow you to change the container size of the widget on our website. This parameter is not exportable.

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Customize styles

This widget does not use iframes, which allows you to override all of the existing styles used by it and make it look however you like. For example, you could customize the style of the article title by simply defining css properties for medium-widget-article__title class.

Container size

This widget by default uses 100% of your parent container size.

Refresh interval

New data retrieve every hour.